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"Welcome to the Fantasy Filly fan page"



Welcome to the Fantasy Fillies main page!!  Fantasy Fillies were a short lived line produced by Empire, and Marchon in the middle 90s.  They were  sub-line of the famous "Grand Champions" horses and the designer was none other than the talented creator of "Fashion Star Fillies", another toy horse line created by Kenner in 1987.


On this site you will find information on each type of "Fantasy Fillies" that was released.  Each set came with a name card, and a pretty brush; so you can brush their pretty mane and tails.


I hope your able to find all your looking for.

If there is something missing, please feel free to contact me.


   We regularly update the site to have everything the public is looking for.  Please return as often as you'd like.





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The Legend of the


Fantasy Fillies

"At the end of the rainbow is a magical waterfall. Peek behind the waterfall and you'll see a path leading to a beautiful valley where rainbow colors are reflected in the streams, hills, flowers, and the beautiful Fantasy Fillies..."